One to One Clinical Pilates

Pilates has proved very popular in the UK and focuses on breathing, posture, core strength and flexibility.

Clinical Pilates is traditional Pilates-type exercise combined with physiotherapy to provide bespoke exercise and rehabilitation for people recovering from injury or working around specific injuries or conditions. Many musculoskeletal based clinics now incorporate Clinical Pilates into their service provision as it has proved so effective at rehabilitation, especially for spinal problems. 

Our Physiotherapist Katie incorporates Pilates into her care and can target areas of weakness and instability that require special attention. The style of pilates that she teaches, is especially useful in treating patients with recurrent musculoskeletal problems. It is also helpful with patients who are prone to regularly getting aches and pains or injuries to a particular side of their body.  Through careful assessment, Katie then adapts pilates exercises so that they are specific to her patient’s requirements. Katie has a special interest in Hypermobility, Paediatrics and Spinal Pain. 

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