RunLab – Gait Analysis


Gait Analysis is the study of human motion. By combining biomechanical tests, slow motion treadmill video analysis and the revolutionary wearable sensor technology ViMove2, our therapists can help athletes to improve their running performance, prevent injuries and recover faster.

A biomechanics assessment includes:

  • Range of movement analysis
  • Muscle Strength/Balance testing
  • Dynamic joint stability testing
  • Slow motion video kinematics of running on a commercial grade Life Fitness treadmill
  • Ground-breaking ViMove2 technology

What is ViMove2 Wearable Sensor Technology?

The ground-breaking ViMove2 technology instantly reveals what the naked eye can’t. By bringing laboratory level analysis into the clinic there’s no more need for guesswork. Just recommendations based on hard data.


What information can gait analysis provide?

Gait analysis can help you to improve your running stride and performance by evaluating:

  • How much force are you putting through one leg in comparison to the other?
  • What cadence is best for your mechanics?
  • How unstable is your knee under load?
  • Are you at risk of getting injured?
  • Why aren’t you recovering from that persistent injury?
  • How might we improve your running performance and efficiency?

Create a personalised training plan

After collating all the data and observations we work with you to formulate a treatment/training plan and – where appropriate – call upon the opinion and specific expertise of colleagues within Abbeyfields, for example, seeking Podiatry opinion on the need for specialist orthotics. This seamless sharing of data and ideas is made possible via the software in ViMove2 and our video capture technology.

We feel that this unique concept of blending experienced clinical reasoning, cutting edge technology and interdisciplinary teamwork provides the best solution for preventing and treating running injuries, and subsequently improving running performance.



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