How to help Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can effect anybody at any age. From Osteoarthritis to Impingement Syndrome, to Rotator Cuff Tears or Strains, and Tendon problems.

Many issues with the shoulder all seem to have the same symptoms such as pain around the shoulder blade (scapula) or even into the upper arm (humerus) and towards the neck. Often the underlying cause is different and this might explain why generic exercises for shoulder stability or rotator cuff strengthening are often ineffective without a precise evaluation and diagnosis.

The aim of physiotherapy is to work out the most likely cause of the shoulder pain and work out a way to calm it down (pain relief) , treat it and reduce the chances of it happening again.

Often the problems develop into a mix of many symptoms that don’t seem to make sense but with careful analysis the predominant issues can be extracted out and a guided rehabilitation plan can be put in place.

Usually treatment involves re learning how to use the right muscles to control and support the shoulder. Gentle hands on treatments, acupuncture and NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) can often help steer things in the right direction whilst pain is kept to a minimum. This approach is just a compliment to your rehabilitation as working on the right type and intensity of exercise is vital in maximising recovery.

We have invested in the best NMES equipment on the market which allows us to treat a huge variety of groups from post operative shoulder pain all the way through to sporting individuals who want to optimise performance.

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