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I went to  after persistent elbow pain became very restrictive in normal life and training.  I had tried rest and over the counter medication but nothing had any effect.

I put my body through a demanding lifestyle as at nearly 50 I am still participating and leading endurance based expeditions. To date I am the fastest British skier to cross Greenland, have run through the Gobi Desert, through the Namib Desert, completed many ultras and have rowed across the Atlantic twice and across the Indian Ocean which gained me 5 Guinness World Records. Despite these being epic adventures they have taken a physical toll and currently training for a row from San Francisco to Hawaii my elbow pain became severe.

I had seen James Woledge in the past for martial arts and running related injuries and again called on him to not only help fix my elbow problem but help me move forward in training without further injury.

I have just completed a series of Shockwave treatment and it has made a huge difference with immediate improvement. My elbow was painful to the touch and movement was very restricted. After one session pain was reduced and by completion of the third there was no more pain to the touch and strength and range of movement was better than it has been for years- probably 95% of previous best.

I thoroughly recommend this treatment and the Abbeyfields Clinic. Professional, friendly, forward looking and by far the best treatment I have had.

Ian Couch

By the time I had it suggested that I go to see James, I had all but given up on hope that my tennis elbow could be resolved. 3 years had passed and during this time I had seen numerous specialists locally and in London, which had included Bupa’s head of musculoskeletal services and a former physiotherapist of the England cricket team. By this time I had had multiple steroid injections which had given only some temporary relief and were becoming less and less effective each time.

James and the Abbeyfields were superb. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone and for any issue. In the case of my chronic tennis elbow, he efficiently but thoroughly took me through the treatment options, making a clear recommendation (to try the shockwave therapy) but without any sort of pressure to do so. After six weeks of treatment the tennis elbow was 90% improved, and after six months it was 100% healed.

I never considered that tennis elbow was a serious condition before I got it, but the pain was so extreme that (aged 33) lifting a cup of tea became difficult! Cycling, motor racing, DIY and (of course) all racquet sports were completely stopped by the condition.

Now, I am back to doing all those things, and even playing badminton and tennis again with no restrictions (and in time for Wimbledon!)

I am extremely grateful to James and the clinic. Family members I have recommended them to are also now experiencing excellent results and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Andrew Hill

At the end of last year I went to see the Doctor yet again about the pain in my back which had spread down the left leg and was keeping me awake at night I have suffered with back pain for the last 30 or more years, and had been taking a very strong pain  relief which was not good for me, my Doctor suggested I went to see an Osteopath, I thought its worth a try although over the years I had seen many people, luckily for me I chose Abbeyfields clinic and was assigned to Ruth, from day one I knew she was going to help me, with her lovely gentle manner explaining everything so I understood what was happening, over the last few months I would say the difference has been life changing, she has encouraged me to do gentle exercise most days, I have lost weight with no pressure from her just a little encouragement, I now have come off all medication have more energy and am able to do much more in my garden, if I do have a blip which is almost always caused from me doing too much I go and see her and with her exceptional expertise she knows just how to get to the painful spot and I come away feeling so much better, I would recommend Ruth without any hesitation.

Rosemary age 67

I have been attending Abbeyfields clinic as a patient/client of Joe Rudland for a severe knee injury. I have progressed from crutches to intermittently using a walking stick to being able to walk without any aids. The journey has been a co-working one and some times frustrating for me as I expect to run even if I can barely walk. However Joe has been encouraging and supportive at all times. Including making me laugh at my own frustration and encouraging me to take that extra step. I still have some way to go but I don’t feel any where near as anxious. I am going to get as much mobility out of my knee as it is possible to do. I couldn’t have done it without Joe’ s hard work consideration and patience. Thank you ?

Doreen Novak

I am absolutely thrilled with the excellent standard of care given by Joe Rudland. He is extremely knowledgeable about the field of osteopathy and has helped me to overcome the post-pregnancy back pain Ive been dealing with for several years. He is welcoming and made me feel right at ease from our first session. He was able to explain to me through laymans terms and sketches exactly why I have continued to have back pain for so long in a way no other GP/Osteopath could! I know by continuing to follow his exercise and stretch recommendations I wont have to go back for more and more visits but will have resolved my pain for good! I highly recommend Abbeyfields and Joe to anyone suffering with chronic pain.

Kristen Lewis

On meeting Ruth I was very taken by her friendliness, depth of knowledge and professional approach. Ruth is able to explain in simple terms the reasons for the various techniques she employs to help maintain body suppleness and relieve joint aches and pains. For those seeking to keep good body movement, joint and muscle health, I would unhesitatingly recommend a regular visit to see Ruth

P.B. Bury St Edmunds

When I think of James, I think of wizards such as Merlin, Gandalf and being the father of a 5 year old girl Cedric the Sorcerer from Sofia the First.

This is because only magic and witchcraft can explain the miracle that James and his machine worked on my feet last year (2015).

Id been suffering from (self-diagnosed) plantar fasciitis for about 6 months when I had my initial consultation with him. It was then that he confirmed my worst fears; the condition had now become plantar fasciopathy the injured area had kindly developed its own pain nerves, making the condition chronic and even harder to treat.

This would have been bad enough were I not faced with the added complication of competing in my first Ironman Triathlon event just a month later!

And thats when James opened his spell-book and went to work With a concoction of massage, acupuncture taping, he reduced the pain significantly enough that I could complete the 13 hour triathlon, finishing the marathon run in 3 hours 46 minutes.

As my hard work finished, James began as he set to work with his Shockwave Therapy machine. Every PF sufferer can sympathise with the excruciating pain when getting out of bed in the morning, so I was still slightly dubious that in 3-4 sessions of treatment with this curious-looking equipment I would be pain-free.

After the first treatment there was an instant, almost anaesthetic effect that soothed instantly. But a few days later that pain and discomfort returned, albeit slightly reduced. And it continued like this for the 4 sessions until I walked out of there for the final time Completely pain-free! I still cant quite believe it!

If youve looked into treatment and been put off because of the cost then I would ask you this, What value do you put on your physical and mental health that comes from exercising, injury-free?. Because to me, thats priceless.

My only regret is I didnt see James and his machine sooner.

Nick Smith
Personal Trainer/Director

“I’ve suffered with Plantar fasciitis & Achilles Tendonitis for the past two years.

If you have it, you will know its a crippling foot condition.

If like me you think you have tried & exhausted everything and lost hope, think again.

Contact The Abbeyfields Clinic and have Shockwave Therapy.

I have recently had 4 sessions, I am well on the way to beating this and if I continue to follow James’s aftercare advice, I will get there.

Just don’t suffer as long as I did, help is out there you just have to know were to look.”

Mrs L Bishop

I suffered from heel pain and Achilles tendonitis for about 8 months. I consulted various health professionals who gave me exercises and orthotics, all to no avail. On recommendation I visited Podiatrist Julie Llewellyn who after 2 initial treatments referred me to James for Shockwave treatment.

Finally health professionals who know what they are talking about!

After 3 sessions of Shockwave treatment I am back to playing 4 games of badminton in a morning and walking several miles.

I thoroughly recommend James and the shockwave treatment at Abbeyfields.

Pat Lawrence from Felixstowe

I recently saw James Woledge having suffered with Achilles tendonitis for over one year. I had previously tried various other treatments which hadn’t helped. I had three sessions of Shockwave treatment and within a short period of time I was back to normal. I would highly recommend this treatment but I would say sooner rather than later – don’t leave it as long as I did!

Sarah C RGN from Stowmarket

James and the team at Abbeyfields have been a fantastic help to me and the friends and family I have recommended to them. Friendly and professional, they take great care and consideration and always go the extra mile.

Robert Dellow

I first consulted James in November 2008 when my then 15 year old son suffered a rugby injury (which turned out to be severe whiplash). He successfully treated my son and provided sensible additional advice and recommendations to assist him to avoid future injury.

I subsequently saw James for treatment myself from late 2008 until my hip replacement operation in September 2009 I saw him monthly and his treatment helped to keep me mobile prior to my operation he also recommended an orthopaedic consultant who specialised in treating younger people with hip problems, with the result that I did not end up having to wait years for a replacement operation due to my (young?!) age.

I continue to consult James, on an irregular basis, and can only say that the treatment and advice that he provides is always very helpful and effective.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone requiring osteopathic treatment/advice.


Liberte Fitness expert Tony Germany, reviews The Abbeyfields Clinic in Bury St Edmunds on his lead up to The London Marathon

Before undertaking the 
marathon I visited The Abbeyfields Clinic after a recommendation from a friend and I was pleasantly surprised.

James and his wife Jo set up the clinic with the intention of 
providing truly joined up care. Uniting Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture in an integrated way combines the best evidence therapies to tackle spinal pain, headaches and a range of musculoskeletal problems.

People are often confused as to whom they should see for their pain and the intention behind Abbeyfields is to remove that confusion and simply provide the best and most pragmatic solution for a swift recovery.

Like a sandwich with many fillings, a solution that may suit your situation involve a slither of Osteopathy, a slice of Physiotherapy or a smidge of pain relieving Acupuncture and Rehabilitation.

In contrast to other mixed therapy centres this patient centered approach is founded on case managed, coordinated care rather than being pushed from therapy to therapy when progress falters.

A key ingredient of a fast
 recovery is clearly explaining the diagnosis and treatment plan so that with greater understanding patients can start to take control of their pain/disability and better participate in their recovery

Tony Germany Liberte Fitness

My profession is Motocross, and with the nature of my sport, unfortunately comes many injuries. The past 2012 season I was introduced to The Abbeyfields Clinic by a recommendation from a fellow competitor as Id had a crash and separated my collarbone. What looked like a season stopper, was soon rectified, with some great treatment and intense rehab with James Woledge. I was back training and racing again just 4 weeks later in full physical condition. I have since used the Abbeyfields Clinic on a regular basis to treat all general aches and pains to prevent them leading to potential injuries. With an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, both Sports, and Deep Tissue Massage available, I have everything under one roof.

Id like to thank The Abbeyfields Clinic for keeping me healthy on the bike with fast and friendly treatment!

James Cottrell – Professional Athlete from Ipswich

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