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Osteopathy – ‘Back Cracking’ and What to Expect.

April 28th 2017

Osteopathic treatment is a rather broad term and offers little explanation of what patients should expect when they visit us. A quick Google search isn’t all that helpful either...

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Female Osteopath to join Abbeyfields Team

July 21st 2016

Ruth qualified with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy. Originally working in education and the charity sector, Ruth retrained to pursue her long held interest in...

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Back Pain and Getting Older

Back Pain and Getting Older

February 5th 2016

Before we get started on the real topic of this post we need a quick lesson in spinal anatomy. The spine itself is an inherently unstable structure; it’s just...

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Different Types of Headaches

December 15th 2015

As an osteopath, I see a lot of patients afflicted with headaches. Headaches are often poorly managed, and diagnosis can be unclear. Even though some symptoms may be frightening,...

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BUPA Approved Facility

December 2nd 2015

We are not just recognised by BUPA we are an “APPROVED CLINIC“ What this means? BUPA have their own strict criteria that we need to meet as a clinic...

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Back Pain

Myths of Low Back Pain

November 12th 2015

Low back pain is a complex problem that affects many of us. It has often been greatly simplified by medical professionals to make problems easier to understand. Unfortunately, this...

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