How to help heal Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis can develop over just a year or two and cause a lot of damage to your joints, which can lead to deformity or disability. This maybe a result of an injury earlier in your life, or more often it’s a slow process that develops over many years and causes small changes in just part of a joint.

Sometimes the condition peaks after a few years and your symptoms remain the same or even get easier. The good news is that the best remedies are;

  • Gentle exercise (walking/swimming/dancing),
  • Keeping your weight down,
  • Combination treatments involving Acupuncture, Manual treatment and Physiotherapy.

You can also help yourself by applying anti-inflammatory creams and gels directly onto the knee three times a day. There’s no need to rub them in – they absorb through your skin on their own.

They’re especially helpful for osteoarthritis of the knee or hand. They are a good option if you have trouble taking tablets.

At Abbeyfields we work together to support your recovery and allow you to move better with less pain. We guide you through a progressive strengthening programme to help support your knee joint. In some cases the knee is too painful to exercise adequately in which case we use combination Electro-acupuncture for pain relief, in tandem with NMES (pads are placed on the skin that then control and contract your muscles for you) for strengthening the muscles around the knee. We might also suggest a simple home device that exercises your muscles for you between treatments.

Both James Woledge and Tom Palmer are Registered Practitioners with The Arthritic Association.

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