An often used term to describe inflammation (‘itis’) of the tissue that connects muscle to bone that may occur as result of an acute strain or appear gradually over time.

Recent evidence suggests this inflammation process naturally resolves over 2-3 months yet the pain and stiffness remain.

Therefore a new term is now used – ‘Tendonopathy’ – to describe the changes taking place in these specialised tissues (fibrosis, micro-damage, degeneration and sensitivity of pain nerves)

This is why there is so much confusion as to the use of Anti-inflammatory drugs/creams, cold packs vs hot packs, and rest vs activity (to name just a few)

The key to understanding tendon problems is accepting that not all tendons are the same and that there are definitive stages that they go through before they completely heal. These factors have to then be dovetailed in with your own unique characteristics (age, sex, previous injuries etc.) to better understand the nature of ‘your’ Tendonopathy.

Only when this is achieved can a tailored treatment plan, rehabilitation and graded loading programme be put in place.

“There is no standard treatment recipe for any Tendon problem”

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Here at The Abbeyfields Clinic we have a special interest in tendon related problems, conducting our own research and attending numerous post graduate conferences to keep abreast of new developments.

If you want to find out more about your ‘tendonitis’ and how to achieve a full recovery then book now or email james@theabbeyfieldsclinic.co.uk for more information.

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